With over 35 years of experience with business-to-business marketing and sales organizations in high tech, Russ can help you and your organization to:

– Build successful teams

– Target profitable markets and customers

– Craft superior value offers and messages

– Win key major accounts

– Expand internationally

– Implement successful business relationships and reviews

– And much more!

Are You Leading like Alex Levy or Ted Lasso?

COVID had no greater impact on any technology more than streaming video entertainment services.  New services seemed to be launched every month. (how much does a brand marketing agency charge to add a + to the end of a company’s name?).  And with lots of suddenly free...

Write your Yearly Review of 2021 this Week

Write your Yearly Review of 2021 this Week

Reflections on the year just concluded is a popular activity for early January.  Leaders think back on what worked, what didn’t, and what they would like to be or do differently in the following year.  Where did the annual operating plan achieve its metrics? What...

2020 Ends – What will 2021 Bring?

Welcome to the end of 2020, which for most of us can not come soon enough.  You're familiar with the challenges we've shared and those you've faced alone, so enough of that.  But what of 2021?  A date on a calendar does not bring a reset.  A vaccine administered in...

Welcome to the Blog

In this time of COVID, leadership is needed more than ever before.  Watch this blog to see what my clients are saying about good and bad leadership practices.

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